How we work


Inspection :

Ferri Artistici offers a preparatory inspection of structures to be able to see and evaluate the set-up of the work site. This procedure allows us to craft one or more proposals according to client’s needs. Measurement detection is made by qualified personnel and if it’s necessary by using the most advanced and precise technologies with a 360° environmental scan.

Ferri artistici

Preliminary Plan

The inspection ends with the first analysis and the drawing up of the first proposal. If it’s necessary we submit 2D and 3D CAD drawings in association with perspective tables and renderings which are the blueprints of the final result.
Whether there is any client’s changing will, in this phase we can provide different solutions according to new needs.

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Executive Project

We therefore study and project each details about installation, construction or decorative steps with the maximum precision. Executive tables integrate the previous project. In order to obtain the best result, our craftsmen and builders shall follow this executive blueprint.

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In production phase, we have many experienced and qualified craftsmen who realize the works following the executive project. Our office keeps the client informed by step-by-step portfolios. The costumers or their technicians can come in our workshop to see the handmade realization of their works.

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The finishing phase concludes the production of our works. In this phase, our craftsmen paint and decorate each work according to client's needs and agreed executive project. We offer different kinds of finishings: gold leaf, silver leaf, casted bronze decorations and more.

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Delivery and installation

We can guarantee transportation and installation everywhere in the world, thanks to the worldwide capillarity which characterises our company. If the costumers want to use their workers, we can provide a building site manager with the necessary skills to supervise and direct the installation.

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