About us

With over thirty-three years of experience in the creation of prestigious wrought iron masterpieces and other pieces of work, Ferri Artistici has been the provider of the most exacting and refined Italian and world clienteles. Deeply rooted in the finest craft traditions, we create and conceive customized designs and projects and use skilful manual techniques to produce highly exclusive masterworks featuring all the ideal qualities necessary to make each priceless palazzo and villa unique.

Specializing in classical styles from the Renaissance up to the Louis XV and XVI , Neoclassic and Liberty, it works respecting the antique keeping high the values of Italian taste, recognized in the world for its inimitable beauty. The production, which includes balconies, railings and gates, has its flagship in stair balustrades and gates, real masterpieces in perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, capable of creating atmospheres of absolute distinction and refined elegance.

The services provided by Ferri Artistici are available to the clientele throughout the whole intervention phase: from the design of hand-made masterpieces to sampling, in situ measuring, and golden or silver leaf and bronzes finishes. The last phase, installation, is carried out by Ferri Artistici’s qualified personal in Italy or abroad.

For explain the effect of a Ferri Artistici realization, words are not enough: this is why our website also offers you a "journey" among the photos of our creations.

Ferri artistici
Ferri artistici
Ferri artistici